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eva aguila

Eva Aguila, aka Kevin Shields, is an experimental noise artist originally from Los Angeles, CA and currently residing in Portland, OR. Aguila's sound-accompanied gestured performance is both the source and the driving force behind her conceptual sound-making, which has been described as “Sheer cliffs of feedback ice, throbbing and grinding gear distortions, and angelic digital bursts slowly cancel each other out creating additives that are neither impatient nor dead.” Composed using magnetic tape manipulated through film-editing machines, the movement required to create these sounds is of central importance to Aguila, whose ideal audience and interaction is with listeners outside of experimental music scenes.
Aguila has toured extensively throughout Europe and the United States, and has been involved in several other bands and projects throughout the Los Angeles Area. Her discography features releases on Deathbomb Arc, Hate State, Entropic Tarot and Weird Forest. Her most recent band, Caldera Lakes (with Brittney Gould of Married in Berdichev), was featured in Arthur Magazine’s May 2010 Tongue Top Ten by Byron Coley and Thurston Moore.