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kam hassah

Kam Hassah is the infamous project of Matteo Castro, the mind behind the Second Sleep label, releasing some of the most interesting power electronics tapes and CD-R's from all around the Globe. He's been digging a grave in the Italian noise scene in the last few years building a unique sound, brutal visceral electronic fog and huge walls of bass frequencies; revealing an obsession for the repetition of patterns into blank empty zones of the mind. Dark, and definitely ambient his music moves in a landscape of smoking ashes and immense desolation, where there's no space for any emotion. Kam Hassah is in fact a blind beast and shows no interest in human communication. He has nothing to do with any aesthetic than his own deserted utopia and this shows up clearly in his artworks, intense high-contrast manipulations of images in black and white that look like the product of a virus that cracked your computer, spitting your memories out of a fucked up copy machine. This is the true poetry of elimination and annihilation. Here, you will not find sex, death, or life. Only eternal abandon, and a terrifying free-fall into the void.