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news 005

dilemma recordings 002 & 003 are out now.

dil002 Kam Hassah - 12inch
dil003 Markus Decker - 12inch

you can order each release for 11,- € or both (dil002 and 003) for 20,- € and postage (sended from austria). payable via paypal or banktransfer
just 100 copies (like every dilemma release), no plan for a rerelease.
no wholesale, no digital versions, no myspace - thats the plan.

infos, abo-subscriptions, orders, subscriptions to our monthly newsletter via

upcoming releases:
dil004 Antoine Chessex - 12inch (may 2009)
dil005 Government Alpha - 12inch (2009)
dil006 Kevin Shields - 12inch (2009)
dil010 Dieb13 - 12inch (201?)

our friends of Conspiracy Records released "ghosts" from the band Monno feat. Antoine Chessex. check it out